Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Dream Starts Now

It’s amazing how three words can bring such joy. Walt Disney World. Ah, I let out a smile just thinking about it. All the rides, the shows, the characters, the employees, the food, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the magic. Nothing beats the magic of Walt Disney World. Where else can you hug Mickey Mouse? Brave the oddities of space and the Wild West? Become a crash test dummy? Be the star of a real-life movie? Meet Yetis and grim grinning ghosts? Dine on the finest food assembled by human hands? Watch the sky explode in the most vibrant colors? Where youth reigns?

There are many reasons I’m starting this blog. For starters, I love to blog and share my thoughts and opinions with the entire internet world (see my baseball card blog for some of my work). I love Walt Disney World as well, if it wasn’t obvious enough. Who doesn’t? The resort kingdom has millions of visitors every year, and how many have honestly said they didn’t enjoy it? I also enjoy talking about Walt Disney World and personal favorites from Central Florida like the Haunted Mansion, all the mountains, the Boardwalk Inn, and of course, the Magic Kingdom. I hope that my commentary, my experience, and my love for the Happiest Place on Earth (sorry Disneyland) makes a great read for all Walt Disney World fans out there. I’ll discuss certain aspects of all four amazing theme parks, the spectacular hotels and restaurants, and other oddities. I love to see people commenting and responding to my posts and my opinions. Don’t be shy!

It has always been a dream of mine to create a successful blog about the thing I love. Walt Disney World has always brought dreams of mine true, and hopefully it brings another one. Thanks, folks!